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Our longboards range from everything you could want in performance to traditional “old school” models. We offer up all aspects in longboard design. As a matter of fact, we can customize all classic, retro, performance, progressive, high speed, or noserider designs. Our T. Patterson signature longboard design has a single concave under the nose that runs flat under your front foot then fades into a very slight double concave to vee and flattens out off the tail. The board has a medium full rail that thins out towards the tail. The tail is sanded to a solid sharp edge that gives you that extra drive and speed throughout your turns. The tail is also pulled in a bit to give you that shortboard feel when you you want to lay the board on rail. The board comes standard as a round tail but works great as a baby squash as well! Our longboards have been tested by some of best surfers in the world and ridden in just about every condition the ocean has to offer. (San’o Model coming soon.)

Product Description

All boards come in a white sanded finish.

Boards Take up to 4 Weeks to Ship.

Additional Information

Weight15.00 lbs
Dimensions108 x 28 x 5 in


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