The Pill

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  • Length X Width X Thickness - Volume
  • Orders take up to 4 weeks for deliver. Boards come in a white sand finish only. Color and carbon fiber patches are custom order only. To order a custom board please call us at 1-949-366-2022. All shortboards come with fins. Longboards come with side fins only.

Product Description

Our Pill model has been a workhorse in our stable of boards since it first came out and is a T. Patterson original. The Pill has been redesigned and refined to perfection. The outline has continuous curve from nose to tail and has medium entry rocker and slight flip in the tail. This combination of curve and bottom contour make The Pill faster and snappier even with the wider tail. Even though The Pill is designed for smaller surf therefore Timmy put a single to slight double vee off the tail. The vee really helps rolling this board onto rail and sustaining maximum drive. This board has full round everything; rails, nose, and tail. This model works unreal with large twin fins and a small trailer fin but also works as a standard tri fin or quad.

1 review for The Pill

  1. mbarge
    5 out of 5


    The quality standard on these boards is very high. They’re fast and drivey, offering a dynamic ride with lots of speed and turning ability and more performance than you might imagine. They’re productive in a wide variety of conditions and wave types. I came from a thruster potato chip background and felt that, despite having surfed regularly for 15 years and maintained fitness, I surfed much better on this board. I’ve been on T Patterson’s Pill for 8 years now. There are a few similar models out there but no one has this shape more dialed. It’s common to get inquiries and compliments but I still don’t see many out there despite the interest.. My buddy grabbed my last one and won’t give it back. Grab a Pill, you will be happy you did

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