The Devil Fish

  • Length X Width X Thickness - Volume
  • Orders take up to 4 weeks for deliver. Boards come in a white sand finish only. Color and carbon fiber patches are custom order only. To order a custom board please call us at 1-949-366-2022. All shortboards come with fins. Longboards come with side fins only.

Product Description

We’ve all seen those guys out at our local spot catching all kinds of waves on their “retro” fish boards. We like the idea of catching waves, as well, but we knew we could always make those “retro” boards go faster and turn harder by applying a much more aggressive performance feel to the fish design. The Devil Fish is the cure to your summer time blues. We took the “retro” fish and thinned out the rails back on the tail to give you that hard bite and hold for faster, harder rail turns. The bottom has a progressive flat to vee concave for high performance rail to rail surfing at high speeds. The semi-down rail lets the board roll onto the rail without having to fight to keep your lines steady. The Devil Fish is not your prototypical “retro,” it is one of the most high performance fish designs on the market! The Devil Fish rides best as a twin fin or quad.


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