The Clam

  • Length X Width X Thickness - Volume
  • Orders take up to 4 weeks for deliver. Boards come in a white sand finish only. Color and carbon fiber patches are custom order only. To order a custom board please call us at 1-949-366-2022. All shortboards come with fins. Longboards come with side fins only.

Product Description

The Clam is a new model and is designed for smaller to medium even up to head high days. The Clam has a single concave bottom that has no problem producing speed. A low entry rocker and low tail rocker combines with a fuller outline to allow the Clam to glide over those flat mushier sections. The rails are medium full and are great for giving you a bit more floatation. Due to the increased volume the Clam should be ridden 1”-2” shorter than your standard shortboard. Comes as a squash tail with Tri-fin but works as a quad as well.


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